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Compare the price!

To compare the cost of buying individual parts versus a GCP-12 we've put together a list of typical grow room equipment,
along with average costs.

Analog CO2 Controller  $350.00 x 2 = $700.00
Adjustable Cycle Timer  $120.00 x 3 = $360.00
4 220VAC HID Output controller  $ 200.00
1 Digital Timer with Trigger Output  $ 100.00
Temperature / Humidity Controller  $ 200.00 x 2 = $400.00


$ 1760.00

Plus with DIGITAL Grower You Get All of This

4 Independent timers for HID outputs. Each ballast can switch ON/OFF whenever you choose.
All HID outputs have a programmable delay at start up. This prevents ballast controls from coming on seconds after a power outage, saving your ballast from damage.
All 12 outputs can be programmed for any condition relative to temperature, humidity and CO2.

Additional standard features...

  • Built in Real Time Clock with battery backup.
  • Programmable Day/Night time. (We don't use photo cells.)
  • 6 Sensor Inputs.
  • GCP-8 and GCP-12 can be purchased with 120 or 220 VAC HID outputs.
  • Independent cycle timers.
  • LCD touch screen display.
  • Ethernet Connectivity.

See the individual product pages for more details on each model.

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