Ethernet Connectivity...

The GCP-8, GCP-12 and the Rack Controller all provide Ethernet connectivity. All of the setup functions available on the touch screen are also available through our convenient web application.

The setup is broken up into several categories and are available through the various tabs on the application.

The controllers also offer a convenient web logging feature. They are factory programmed to log data once every hour and retain 100 readings.

Each recording includes the date, time, temperature, humidity and CO2 for each room.

The setup data and the logged data are stored on our servers and are accessible by the units serial number and a unique user name and password.

grow sensors


humidity control

The GCP-HTC Sensor Module contains a low voltage, precision temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor. The sensors provide an analog voltage output that is linearly proportional to temperature, humidity and CO2.

The Honeywell humidity sensor is a very linear and accurate sensor with fast response time. Our CO2 sensor has a range of 0-2000 ppm with an accuracy of +/- 20ppm.