grow room controller

The GCP-8 controller is a multi-function environmental control system. This model features 2 independent timers for HID / LED control, each one is assigned to a single 220VAC output.

The 6 independent 120 VAC outputs can be assigned to activate fans, blowers, air conditioner units or CO2 generator / valve. Multiple functions can be programmed based on temperature, humidity or CO2.

The system is designed with multiple rooms in mind, a temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor for each room however, a single larger room may be able to use many of the
inputs and outputs.

Main Features...

  • 6 120 VAC Outputs
  • 2 220VAC Outputs
    (Optional 120 VAC)
  • 6 Sensor Inputs
  • Input Power: 220VAC
  • 2 Independent ON / OFF Timers
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Integral ON / OFF / Circuit Breaker
  • Easy Wall Mount Flange
  • Ethernet
light controller

Additional Features...

cycle timer

The GCP-8 controller has additional output features not found in any other controller. We've allowed any relay output to function as a cycle timer. Each of the outlets designated as a cycle timer can be setup for Day, Night or 24 Hour cycles. The "ON" duration can be from zero to 24 hours. The "OFF" duration can also be anywhere from zero to 24 hours.

grow room

A more typical scenario would be to control outside air ventilation, CO2 injection or fan control in smaller increments such as 15 minutes on / 15 minutes off.

Automatic HID Blower

cycle timer

Any relay can be a timed HID Blower
Running Hot HID lamps?  Now you can program your Air-cooled reflectors blower to cycle on and off with the HID timer.

Just select 1 of the 6 relays and set it's output to HID1 - HID2, plug your blower into the appropriate outlet and your blower will now cycle with your lights.

Bonus! Running a few additional lamps for supplemental lighting? Use 1 or more of the HID fan outputs as a trigger output to cycle with the HID timer!

grow sensors


humidity control

The GCP-HTC Sensor Module contains a low voltage, precision temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor. The sensors provide an analog voltage output that is linearly proportional to temperature, humidity and CO2.

The Honeywell humidity sensor is a very linear and accurate sensor with fast response time. Our CO2 sensor has a range of 0-2000 ppm with an accuracy of +/- 20ppm.